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This Time

I've been thinking about the things below a fair amount over the past two weeks. While I use language of we/our, I realize that so much of that is me reaching out and saying "I/my" and trying to bring others aboard, to relate in more than distance away from. And this is me sharing the wisdom and love that so many folks who are marginalized by their race, gender, and sexuality have tried to instill and teach me. This is from the women/femmes who are trans, of color, and queer who have continued to hold me up, who were doing the work before me and continue to do it 

Let this time be about unity but not leveraging that word as a way to silent dissent and differing opinions about what freedom and liberation look like. 

Let this time be about an intersectional feminism against political systems and actors that continue to fail us. 

Let this time be about creating communities where people care more about our health and what it will take for us each to be healthy rather than limiting that to health insurance talks that never really cared about our health in the first place. 

Let this time be the one where all of us show up and focused on those most marginalized, striving for an inclusive justice rather than a checklist justice that continues to benefit only a select few. 

Let this time be about following our beautiful examples from history like Angela Davis, Wilma Mankiller, Grace Lee Boggs, Audre Lorde, Gloria Anzaldua, Miss Major Griffin Gracy, Ida B. Wells, Shirley Chisholm, Marsha P Johnson, Malala Yousafzai among others who have continually pushed back against ideologies and systems that diminished people, their livelihoods, and life chances. 

Let this be the time where we see the march and protest not as ends but means and beginnings to civic participation. 

Let this be the time where we actively question why we were so moved yesterday but did not move when it was about police violence, bathroom laws, or mass deportation. And wonder to ourselves what must it take for us to be compelled to commit to social change and then make those requirements a bit less strict as we are able. 

Let this be the time that everybody's feminism learns from Black feminist thought and that what feminism excludes is ideologies of domination and violence and forever includes people of all races, (a)genders, ages, worldviews, (a)sexualities, socioeconomic statuses, abilities, and more; this is time to think of feminism expansively, not narrowly as I/we have done. 

Let this be the time we move past "issues" and talk about the stakes for ourselves, our kin, one another, and our planet. 

Let this time be where accountability and love are not seen as antithetical to one another but timeless companions that can never be separated from one another. 

And let this time be the one where our love of justice matches or exceeds are hate for injustice. Let this time be different than how many of us have done it before.

**This post was originally shared on my Facebook page. One day, I'll do more Twitter threads; I always feel the need to write long form first though. 

Alex Lange